Student Ambassador Program


The Student Ambassador program builds advocates for public education, leaders in the district and philanthropists making meaningful impact .  Edmond Public Schools high school students attend monthly meetings and hear from district, community and state leaders while also actively participating in committees and events.   You will find students speaking at public events, conducting fundraisers, holding food drives for the district, volunteering in the schools, advocating on social media and so much more!  

Education Enthusiast ($100): A personalized thank-you note from a Student Ambassador.

Advocacy Advocate ($250): All benefits of the Education Enthusiast level, plus an invitation to the Student Ambassador meeting focused on Advocacy, where you can meet and interact with the Student Ambassadors. 

Leadership Luminary ($500): All benefits of the Advocacy Advocate level, plus recognition as a Leadership Luminary at the Student Ambassador meetings and recognition on social media.

Impact Innovator ($1,000): All benefits of the Leadership Luminary level, plus an invitation to a Student Ambassador meeting where they will be sharing an update about their innovative initiatives.

Philanthropy Pioneer ($2,500): All benefits of the Impact Innovator level, plus the opportunity to sponsor a specific Student Ambassador event or initiative, recognition as a Philanthropy Pioneer at Student Ambassador public events.

Visionary Catalyst ($5,000): All benefits of the Philanthropy Pioneer level, plus the opportunity to present a workshop at a Student Ambassador meeting and special recognition as a Visionary Catalyst by Student Ambassadors at their meetings and events.