Red Day Run



Help underwrite student, teacher or EPS staff registrations for the 2021 Red Day Run!


This form is to sponsor the registration of an EPS student.  To register yourself, go to

To register a sponsored EPS student, fill out this form.  Up to 250 students will have their registration sponsored.  Once sponsored spots are no longer available, this form will no longer be available to complete.  


The Edmond Public Schools Foundation has been chosen as a beneficiary of the Red Day Run again this year!  We have our own team and want to represent with EPS students, teachers and staff.  Please consider sponsoring a student or teacher to walk or run.


$20 per registration 12 and under

$40 per registration 13 and up


Sample for registrations at $20 each:
$120 = 6 student registrations
$240 = 12 student registrations
$480 = 24 student registrations
$1,000 = 50 student registrations
$2,000 = 100 student registrations


We would like every school to be represented on our team, so if you want to sponsor walkers/runners from a particular school, you can!   We will register the students and teachers, all you have to do is make your donation here to sponsor an EPS student or staff member.  We want to sign up cross country and track teams, football teams, drama groups, high school bands, elementary students, chess clubs, orchestra name it, we want to sign up their school group!  Everyone can come wearing their school logo or something that represents their school group. 


We are looking forward to seeing everyone from the EPS family at this event on October 23, 2021 in downtown Edmond.  If you are signing up yourself to run at HERE, please choose the Edmond Public Schools Foundation TEAM and VOTE for us as your charity of choice.  The more votes we get, the more funding that will come back to support our schools!


We will use your donation to sign up runners from all schools


You can write in the name of your school you want to sponsor!*


Our goal is to have 500 EPS runners.  It will be a beautiful sight to see all of our EPS students, teachers and staff out together again!  Thank you for sponsoring an EPS runner.

*In the case that we end up with less runners than we have sponsored registrations for any school, we will try and utilize them in that same vertical.



Thank you!  We look forward to our EPS community all coming together for this event.

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