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Jeff DeSpain's Fundraising Page

As residents of, and businesses focused in the Edmond Public Schools District, we have a common interest in helping Edmond Public Schools maintain the top notch education it has provided our children for decades.  Most of us live in Edmond primarily due to excellent educational opportunities provided by Edmond Public Schools. Nothing has a greater impact on our community that our school district.  The district is the #1 reason people desire to live in this area, and the growth in population driven by Edmond Public Schools further drives investment from business throughout the Edmond area.  Even if you don't have children enrolled in Edmond Public Schools you benefit from the quality education provided through increased property values and an ever growing list of amenities provided through business and government investment.  In short, we are all stakeholders in the success of the Edmond Public Schools.

In these trying times the district needs our support more than ever. COVID has drastically changed the way our children are being taught and Edmond Public Schools, like many others, has done an admirable job in adapting but our teachers need your support.  Any donation made by you will go directly to the support of our schools and will help our educators better provide the excellent education we have all become accustomed to in the Edmond Public Schools District. So I ask you to please support the district through the Edmond Public Schools Foundation. Whether you are a parent, a resident, or a business who serves this area, we all have a personal interest and a responsibility in seeing our school district thrive.

ABOUT One Edmond Community Campaign 2020

Goal:  We are asking the community to match the $50,000 EPS employees donate to the ONE Edmond campaign!

Whether a Husky, Bulldog or Wolf, we are all ONE Edmond!  Your gift helps us meet the needs of the entire district, whether that be professional development for educators, mental health and social emotional learning programs, student competitions or the Student Ambassador program, your gift impacts all of our kids!  

Did you know that Edmond Public Schools educators and staff are the #1 donor to the ONE Edmond campaign, collectively donating $50,000 each year?  Every dollar donated by EPS employees goes directly back into the classrooms through the Great Idea Grant program. Additionally, Oklahoma teachers pay, on average, $459 out of pocket for their own classrooms.

When you consider there are 1,627 classrooms in the district, if each teacher is spending $459 for their classroom, and teachers and EPS employees are giving $50,000, that equals $796,793 teachers and staff are putting into the education of our children out of their own pocket...astonishing!

The average gift from an Edmond Public Schools employee is a $89 one-time gift or $9 monthly gift through payroll deduction.  Will you consider a gift of $100 or $10 a month?

You can make a one time donation on this page.  If you are setting up a monthly, ongoing gift, please do that HERE 

Thank you!


Name Date Amount Comments
TimberCraft Homes 12/09/2020 $1,011.11  
Anonymous Friend 12/07/2020 $104.37  
Amanda Digney 12/07/2020 $51.52  
  Total $1,167.00